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Adil Al-Qassas, PhD candidate, Victoria University, Melbourne

I am a PhD candidate at the School of Psychology and Social Sciences at Victoria University. Dr Jay Daniel Thompson was recommended to proofread and edit my thesis by my supervisor. Because I trust my supervisor, I did not hesitate to contact Dr Thompson. I am now very satisfied with the professional proofreading and editing Dr Thompson did to my thesis. Furthermore, Dr Thompson did not only proofread, edited and made amendments and suggestions that have been of vital help to my thesis, but he also welcomes discussion with the person who requests from him proofread and/or edit his or her work. I highly recommend Dr Jay Daniel Thompson for any person who seeks excellent quality of professional proofreading and/or editing.


Sumangala Bandara, PhD candidate, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne

The editing that you have done for my thesis was absolutely fantastic, and i appreciate your comprehensive work on my thesis ... I am happy that i was able to write like that after starting to learn my English after 12th grade back in Sri Lanka. My supervisor too commended your work, and said "very good work" . I have already recommended your services to few PhD candidates, and shall do so more.


Carolina Solis, Masters candidate, Monash University

Jay has helped me improve my writing in English. This has been an important step in the process of writing my thesis. Jay’s work is reasonably priced and he is very fast in checking and providing feedback. I recommend 100% his proofreading and editing services. You will get quality in your writing due to Jay’s professionalism.


Linh Tran, small business owner, Melbourne

I submitted a resume to Jay for proofreading. Jay made some very helpful suggestions and comments, and as a result of the suggested changes I have submitted a professional resume to an agency and scored a job interview. I highly recommend Jay’s service for any professional written communication or editing. Thanks, Jay!


Melody Wang, Masters candidate, University of Melbourne

The biggest problem with my assignment is my expression. As an ESL student, I could not explain the complicated topic of my assignment accurately. After Jay’s proofreading, I noticed many areas that may make the English-speaking reader confused, and then I discussed with Jay and used another expression instead. Though my mark is not released yet, I consider my assignment worth HD now, and I am confident to show my assignment to my readers.


Furthermore, Jay is a highly responsible and reliable person. When I was struggling with the clarification problem, and feeling helpless during the year-end holiday, Jay gave up his holiday and worked very hard to help me meet the deadline. I am feeling lucky that I asked him for help because I don’t consider I can solve my problem in such a short time.


For people who want to improve their academic writing, especially the ESL students, asking Jay to do the proofreading is a good chance for them to realize their problem. Due to the limitation of my education background, I have no idea of academic writing before I came here to study. I guess my expression issue must diminish the marks of my past assignments a lot. Though I am finishing the study of this master degree, after the proofreading I learn how to write a good assignment using appropriate expression, so my target for my next master degree is HD in every subject.”



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